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First, little bit about myself and our family. I am happily married to the love of my life: Wally. We are the parents of four children - Chris, Rachael, Laura, and Brian. Wally is a media specialist for marketing firm, and I am a registered nurse. Cats are my joy and a true labor of love.

We are a small CFA and TICA registered cattery established in 1994 raising and showing beautiful Himalayan Persians. Our goal is to raise healthy, well socialized companions that exemplify the breed. Our breeding cats have been selected specifically for health, type, temperament and that sweet open expression. We use only genetically tested negative cats for PKD.

We show primarily in the CFA. I am a CFA Persian Breed Council member and also a member of The Atlantic Himalayan Club. All of our cats come from top show quality lines and are sired with NW, RW and Grand Champion bloodlines. Our lines include, but are not limited to: Prancenpaws, Playwickeys, Twinrohdes, Oakheaven, Cadykats, Kiikatz, Whisperwood, and Demiara.

You may see that some of our cats are not Himalayan marked. This is because we occasionally use other patterned Persians that carry the color pointing gene that when mated to the proper cat, can produce a Himalayan. I have worked consistently to produce "Points of Perfection”.  In the mean time, we enjoy having a few varied pattern Persians in our home.

My goal is to produce social, healthy, and genetically sound cats of good type. Whether my babies are shown in the rings, or a pampered pet for someone special, they all are well adjusted, loving pets. In an effort to keep my cattery small and manageable, occasionally there are retired adults available.

All adults used for breeding have either been verified DNA negative for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) or are from DNA negative parents, which means they do not carry this possibly fatal disease. DNA testing is the ‘Gold Standard’ to verify that the cat does not carry this gene. Years ago, ultrasound was the only way to test for this, and it was not 100% reliable. We have altered some cats from our breeding program once DNA testing came out, as we do not want to breed kitties that have their kidneys compromised. Not all breeders test for this - ask when you are considering getting a new kitty.

We do not show our cats as much as in the past. Partly, because the shows have moved out of our region, and involve lots of travel, time, and expense. The cats we have now have been to only a few shows and have easily become champions that are grand-pointed. Zeus and Aura were shown only twice times in TICA’s Great Lake Region and had Best Persian Kitten awards.

Another reason we do not show as much is the chance of bringing bacterial and fungus home from shows. The cats that are shown are all bathed before hand, but that does not mean they are 100% healthy. They get handled by judges, and many spectators. Kittens that are sold in the show hall get handled by many spectators, and then they are put back in their holding area next to the cats that are being shown. Staying healthy when exposed to stress of travel, handling, and people can be very difficult to maintain.

We are a closed cattery and do not offer any stud service. We occasionally will work with and mentor new breeders. Honesty is always the best policy.

About us and our cattery...

Breeding kittens is truly a labor of love.

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